The Coverts, Family photography Fishtown, Philadelphia

I have to say, at the beginning of my career I use to hate photographing children!!! Kids have their own agenda and posing for pretty pictures is simply not in it:)

I use to believe that I have a better chance of taking good photo of a chimp with rabies than when chasing a 2 year old around my studio 🙂  Parents know what I’m talking about!

Working more and more with kids though, completely changed my mind to a point that I actually enjoy kids photography! And I mean it!

Yes, it’s exhausting! Yes, it never runs as planned! But Those Little Things have magic in them! After a family photo session I feel completely refreshed and full with positive energy!

I just love kids’ genuine faces and behavior! No masks, no lies, no pretentiousness!

Here are the lovely Coverts, all the way from Manasquan, NJ:)))