Love Nebula – an engagement teaser and Nikon D800E mini review:)

A little teaser from Gloria and Mike’s Engagement photo session at Appleford Estate and one of the first pictures with my new camera Nikon D800E.

For the photographers out there I’ll just say that I LOVE this thing!!! Let me add though that this camera is really optimized for RAW shooters.

This thing produces The UGLIEST JPEG files I’ve seen since the Nikon D200 era:))) It has a terrible White Balance and on top of that the new screen they put on the back of the camera has an awful color representation! It seems that the technology is not quite where a beautiful JPEG can be produced directly in the camera with 36MP sensor!

Once I opened the RAW files, though, my jaw literally hit the floor! I’ve never before, seen more beautiful files made in 35mm camera!

Ergonomics of the body are excellent! Menus are nimble and responsive! One should be very careful with focusing though! At 36MP every slight camera/subject movement or not quite sharp focus is very apparent! When you nail the focus though the result is simply astonishing!

I’m sorry I don’t have more pictures for now, but I have no time nor desire of writing gear reviews with all the sample images and so on… I just wanted to share my very first impressions of this wonderful machine! So let’s just hope that the good pictures are yet to come:)

I’d like to finish this mini review of Nikon D800E with a special thanks to Gloria and Mike for keeping up the good energy even when a thunderstorm interrupted their engagement session:) Only because of the heavy rain and all the fog we were able to get this image that reminds me of a nebula in the deep space! Let’s call it the Love Nebula:)))