Some of my work on display at The Pickled Heron at Fishtown, Philadlephia!

Yesterday was the “grand opening”:)

Special thanks to all my fiends and clients that came to the party! And to the wonderful hosts of The Pickled Heron!

For a long time I wanted to gather my clients together just to see how  everyone is doing and to say my HUGE THANK YOU to all of them!

So when the owners of The Pickled Heron asked me to display my photography on the walls of their French bistro it came to me that we can combine the opening of my modest exhibit with a little cocktail for my clients and friends!

So, here it goes:

THANK YOU, everyone for all the support in the last years!!!

THANK YOU for your trust at most important events!

THANK YOU for helping me make a living with something I love to do!

I wish everyone a healthy and successful year!

I love you so much!

The pictures will be displayed at The Pickled Heron for the whole month of February so please, make sure to visit and don’t forget to try the Culinary art of the amazing chefs!