Who are the boldest and most fearless photographers in the world?  Well, apparently I am one of them:)  Just couple of days ago I learn that I won 3  awards from Fearless Photographers!!! What Fearless Photographers is?! It’s a website where photographers from all over the world compete every 3 months or so with their most creative work. That was the first time for me to participate and I’m very happy to share the great honor with you!!!

Here is what the curators say: “Photographers don’t pay to put their images on this unique directory. Instead, they submit their most innovative work to be selected by our internationally-renowned curators. Only the best of the best – the top 10% of all submitted images – are shown.

Thank you, Fearless Photographers! I can’t wait for the next Round!

One thought on “Fearless!

  1. Congrats so very proud of You 🙂
    I am so happy for you Georgi!!
    Definitely deserve ALL your success!!!

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