Peggy + Sal

You remember Kate and Mike right? I shot their wedding about a year ago! I was so honored when Kate’s mom – Peggy contacted me for her and Sal’s wedding! How nice is that!!!



4 thoughts on “Peggy + Sal

  1. Sal and Peggy,
    Wow! What beautiful photos capturing special moments of a totally awesome day!
    With lots of love, your sister, Tina

  2. Georgi…You are the master…these are so beautiful…Sal and I cant wait to see the rest…You captured every detail…the lighting is perfect…Your hard work for 9 hours on our wedding day, diligently taking frame after frame…It shows why you are the BEST photograher…and were so greateful to have you on our day…the level of professionalism is clearly shining through here!!!

    Thank you for these amazing pictures…<3

    Peggy & Sal

  3. carissimi sposi, ho appena visto le vostre foto e sono rimasta senza parole…dai vostri volti e dai vostri sorrisi traspare la felicità, la voglia di stare insieme…siete invidiabili!!!
    Vi auguro di essere sempre così felici…anzi molto di più e che il vostro amore sia sempre più forte e vivo. Tanti Auguri e Buona Fortuna.

  4. What can i say..the photos all cam out beautiful..We all
    had a fantastic day..can we do it again??
    wishing both of you happines for the rest of your life..
    With love, your cousin Franca.

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