Carla + Gerry, wedding at The German Society Philadelphia

Yes, it rained a lot! In fact was one of the worst storms this Spring! But as the saying goes “If life gives you rain, make lemonade”  …or something like that! Carla and Gerry didn’t complain even once! They kept it positive and enjoyed every moment so we end up with some great photographs that wouldn’t be possible if we had the “perfect wedding weather”! Thank you guys for the inspiration!




5 thoughts on “Carla + Gerry, wedding at The German Society Philadelphia

  1. Страхотно е да си модел с подходящия фотограф

  2. The photos are stunning. What a beautiful job on a day that the weather did not cooperate.

  3. Поздравления човече.Аз самият бидейки любител в интригуващото приключение наречено фотография се забавлявах и усмихвах докато разглеждах чудесните ти снимки от сватбата на тия симпатяги.

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