Lady G

My favorite model Georgiana! Mom Jen and dad Derek booked the photo session for her first birthday!

I love this little pumpkin! We not just share a common name and not because I shed a few tears while editing all that cuteness!  But may be because during the shoot, for first time in her life, Georgiana stood on her feet by herself for more than a minute!!! Sure sign of a modeling career:)

3 thoughts on “Lady G

  1. Eeeeheeheehe these are great! ~Ray

    You constantly amaze me with your talent Georgi 🙂 I’m so glad Jen and Derek were able to have you photograph Georgiana—you did a wonderful job.

    See you at Ryan and LeeAnne’s wedding next year!!!

  2. Georgi, these pictures are so sweet and the girl is adorable!!

    My siblings and I can HARDLY WAIT for you to edit the photos from our photo session!! We were talking about how AMAZING the pictures were that you took — so I wanted to let you know that we are SO, SO, SO excited!!

    All the best,

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