Nicole and Keith’s Engagement photos

We did these pictures yesterday and Nicole and Keith’s wedding is only 2 weeks away! So stay tuned! More of this cuteness is coming very soon:)

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4 thoughts on “Nicole and Keith’s Engagement photos

  1. Great work, Georgi!
    The first one is a show-stopper. The lighting. The skin-detail. Love it!
    My other faves: 8, 16, 19, 24,25
    Nice session!

  2. Lovely pics, mate!Lovely!
    BTW, Do you shoot weddings in Bulgaria as well? Actually, have you shot any? Couse I’m struggling to find a good wedding photographer here, and so far – nothing!

  3. От както попаднах на профила ти винаги съм на близо за да се потопя във вълшебната та ти фотография!

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