Sara and Ron

Ladies and Gentlemen, (drum roll)…..  Sara and Ron!!!

My lovely, lovely neighbors from across the street:)))


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A full online gallery is available. Wedding guests are welcome to view all images. Please contact Sara and Ron for access!

5 thoughts on “Sara and Ron

  1. Fantastic job Georgi!
    We felt like we were in the hands of a professional all day and these photos prove it. This sequence really tells of the story of how the day and night unfolded. We love it!

  2. Yay! Love these! I do make some faces don’t I? Can’t wait to see the rest.
    You did such a great job – it was a blast working with you!
    – Sara

  3. These are amazing! You truly captured the essence of the wedding in these pictures. We can’t stop looking at our beautiful baby girl and her handsome husband! Looking forward to seeing the rest. Thanks so much, Betty and Chris

  4. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. I had seen some on Facebook that Betty posted, but looking at these, it shows me what a beautiful wedding you had. Sara your gown is beautiful. You look so very ELEGANT!! Congratulations!

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